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11029 Mendenhall Loop rd, Juneau, Alaska 99803

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With the relocation of our business to our new property we have expanded to two sites. One of them is our retail nursery and the other is our farm where we grow and look after the majority of our plant material. If you are looking for something that we don’t have stocked at our nursery be sure to ask us because we might have it on the farm.

For 30 years Southeast Alaska’s window to the world of modern horticulture

Margaret Tharp and David Lendrum of Landscape Alaska have spent a quarter century testing methods and acquiring a plant collection that works in the unique climate and terrain of Southeast Alaska.

Margaret was born in Portland, Oregon, and reared in Holland for a portion of her life. She received a master’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon, aptly preparing her for her subsequent work in Juneau. Margaret designed a method for reusing the understory — the underlying layer of vegetation — as if it were sod, thus allowing ancient landscapes to grow around new structures.

David Lendrum is Southeast Alaska’s best-known horticulturalist, with wide exposure on the radio as well as in newspapers. He gives classes and lectures throughout the region. Dave’s work has introduced modern horticulture both to long-standing indigenous communities and to newcomers to the region, bridging the gap between the formal gardens of the early twentieth century and the needs of today’s public and private landscape.

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