The ideal time to plant Rhododendrons is when they’re in bloom and this Memorial Day Weekend looks perfect

Rhodies start their new growth right after they flower, and the roots grow at the same time as the tops. These are just beginning to show color so come up to the nursery and check them out.
The big distinction in Rhododendrons is how large they get, the big old fashioned ones like the ones at the Airport and the Hatchery and the Governor’s House, known as “The Cast Iron Hybrids”, will ultimately get too large for most yards. They are easy enough to prune, but you have to be willing to do it.
Modern spaces are usually smaller and more modern Rhododendrons are bred to stay smaller. This one is my current favorite, it’s “Percy Wiesman”, the multitude of flowers open this gold and pink and ripen to a stunning apricot color. It’s a semi dwarf form getting about 3 ft tall by 4 ft wide in10 years.

Another very nice plant or our yards is this extremely hardy Yakusamina hybrid named “Yaku Prince”. One of the identifying characteristics of this group of hybrids is the fuzz that grows on the back of the leaves. This carpet holds a layer of air still so it acts as an insulating blanket during the winters allowing them to continue photosynthesizing even at low temperatures.
In full bloom right now are a great dwarf from Germany called “Baden Baden”, it’s one of the brightest reds we can grow and it stays very low, maybe 24 inches in 10 years. These are about 10 years old now.
We have a lovely group of Japanese and Korean Maples from our friend Carl Munn, whose “Munns Moonrise” has been selected as the best Maple in the world by the professional Maple Growers Association
This is a large one that was specially ordered, it’s so lovely we will have to get another for ourselves.
The young trees are about 6 ft tall, and just opening their leaves now, they range from deep red through pinks and golds. They will all grow into lovely trees and planting several as a small grove would be a lovely effect.

Miss Kim Lilacs are budding up, their flower clusters are forming even as the young leaves open. Their delicate lavender purple flowers will fill the area with sweet aromas as they mature, and the fall color of rich burgundy must be seen to be believed.

We have a few Harlred Apple trees in bloom this week, this tough tart flavored apple is pollinated by white flowering crabapples as well as Fujis, Galas, and Granny Smith Apples among many others. Here’s a picture of the lovely and fragrant apple blossoms.
Overwintered Lewisias are opening this week too, their technicolored flowers are a sure attraction, even to people who never heard of them.
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