Japanese Maple, Beni-Maiko


An award winning Japanese maple, shrub-like at only 4 to 6 feet tall when fully grown, the Beni-Maiko is a stunner. With delicate foliage in a mix of sizes, the fronds will begin brilliant red in the spring, a striking awakening at the beginning of the season, and then, slowly, the red will lighten to a pink until a vibrant green will begin to emerge from the center of the leaves and spread edge-ward until you are presented a layering of leaves mixing beautiful green and vibrant reds. Preferring partial shade, make sure to keep them very well watered if left in full sun for long periods as they do tend to burn. Best for a shadowy corner of your yard, or in a large pot or planter on your deck beneath your awning. A low maintenance specimen, Beni-Maiko requires very little pruning, and if you do prune do so when in dormancy and avoid pruning in the spring when the sap is flowing most intensely. Fertilize in spring before leaves emerge.

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