Lowbush Blueberry, angustifolium ‘Burgundy’


Now, Southeast Alaskans may be thinking, why in the world would I buy blueberry plants for my yard when I’m surrounded by them in our soggy paradise? Well, it’s true, you could go your whole life without buying a single blueberry here in the panhandle, but one of the wonderful perks of planting varieties of blueberry from other parts of the world is that the wildlife here don’t recognize them. This particular variety is from Maine, grows to about a foot tall, and can yield several pounds of blueberries a season, and the deer and bears and birds of our wonderful home won’t recognize them since they’re different enough from the native varieties. After a few generations, the locals in your area may catch on, but you should get a few seasons to feast on these blueberries yourself. They are delicious and sweet, and if you plant it near any native blueberries in your area, they will fruit faster and in greater abundance.

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