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Landscape Design and Installation

The built landscape is a language. It tells us where to go, and what to do when we get there. It introduces the subtext of any location, and it provides for all the other inhabitants of our world while we use it, too.

Landscape is not just a decoration. It is the shaping of the outdoor spaces and the experiences we will have in them. At the same time, it is our recognition of the wholeness of the world and our effort to fit our activities into it. We use rhythm, spacing, texture and growth rate to evoke the response called for in a situation, whether it be shopping or solitary reflection, school yard or front yard, riverbank or waterfall.

Landscape Alaska’s work is on many scales; small side yards that provide an easy and private space for breakfast, active zones for work and play, and professional settings that accommodate the comings and goings of hundreds in a day. The common threads are the demands that a landscape improve over time, and that it enhance the lives of its inhabitants.


From a small planting that manages the water from a downspout, to a remodel of the entry to the Governors house, our residential work is designed specifically for your needs. Children, pets, difficult access, poor drainage or deep shade, each site is addressed to solve a specific clients desires and budget.

Low maintenance and long term success are the guidelines we follow, and there is not a street or neighborhood in Juneau that does not show our work. Landscaping is a language that speaks to us all, in a way we understand without thinking. It is a way to expand your living space, providing safety, recreation, edible garden spaces, year round interest and environmental protection, while it increases property values.


Landscape is the first point of contact a client has with your site, it tells them that they are welcome, where to go, and what to expect when they get there. The care and condition of your business surroundings is evident instantly, and it sets the level of expectations before the customer enters your building.

Landscape Alaska’s commercial work is evident as soon as the site comes into view; neat, organized, and obviously professional. Low maintenance is designed into each project, and increase in value over time is the best return on investment possible.


With 35 years experience in Juneau’s demanding climate, we know a landscape is only as good as it’s maintenance. What to do and when to do it are our fields of expertise. Caring for a residential lawn, or keeping a Rhododendron hedge deep green and flowering around an office building, are all dependent on reliable, skilled, and well equipped teams.

We train, manage and equip our crews with attention to detail, job site safety, and seasonal task familiarity. They are polite, quick, and reliable. You will be pleased with the results as your landscape flourishes like never before.

Environmental Work

Juneau is a city in the wilderness; we have habitat to manage, damaged sites to repair, erosion to prevent, and some of the most beautiful native plant communities in the world to protect while we fit our civilization into it. Margaret’s Masters work in Landscape Architecture focused on protecting and incorporating the native landscape into the built environment.

We salvage native plants from construction sites, provide locally collected materials for agency or individual planting projects, consult and design for projects at all scales.

Design and Consultation

Everything we do shows the skill and understanding of our designer, Margaret Tharp MLA, from all season color in a garden, to managing the wildlife in a forest edge home, or handling the vast amounts of water that flood properties along the Douglas Highway. Design conserves the valuable, promotes the sustainable, and introduces the desirable.

Consultation for valuation, for habitat protection, for neighborhood relationship preservation, are provided by highly skilled and well educated specialists. Timber trespass, hazard tree identification, landscape damage appraisal and phased development projections are among the services we offer.

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