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Landscape Design and Installation

The built landscape is a language. It tells us where to go, and what to do when we get there. It introduces the subtext of any location, and it provides for all the other inhabitants of our world while we use it, too.

Landscape is not just a decoration. It is the shaping of the outdoor spaces and the experiences we will have in them. At the same time, it is our recognition of the wholeness of the world and our effort to fit our activities into it. We use rhythm, spacing, texture and growth rate to evoke the response called for in a situation, whether it be shopping or solitary reflection, school yard or front yard, riverbank or waterfall.

Landscape Alaska’s work is on many scales; small side yards that provide an easy and private space for breakfast, active zones for work and play, and professional settings that accommodate the comings and goings of hundreds in a day. The common threads are the demands that a landscape improve over time, and that it enhance the lives of its inhabitants.