Tor Spirea


1 Gallon – $20
2 Gallon – $35
5 Gallon – $70

Spirea are one of Landscape Alaska’s go-to lineages for our landscape designs in Juneau. All the spireas we carry are tough, easy to care for, and gorgeous. The Tor is no exception. With a mounding habit that will eventually grow to about 4 feet tall and wide, the long arching branches are covered with tight, small, dark green ovoid leaves. When its blooms come, BAM, tight little bunches of tiny bright white flowers cover the branches, also tight to the branch. When in full bloom the Tor resembles nothing more than a gleaming pile of bright white blooms. Then, comes the next reason we use the Tor so often in our landscapes. The tight, dense foliage changes color. As the cold air comes in the leaves begin to turn orange streaked with red and purple. Nearly unkillable and giving the world show after show, the Tor spirea is an incredible candidate for any landscape in Southeast Alaska.

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