Hollyhock Alcea Halo Purple


4 Inch Pot – $8.50
This Hollyhock was brought about by a tremendous breeding effort 16 years in the making. The Alcea Halo Apricot grows up to 5′ or 6′ tall as a relatively sturdy stock with alternating spade shaped leaves and enormous, 4″ to 5″ apricot colored flowers with distinct, dark centers. The stocks are somewhat sturdy, but if you plant them in an area known to be windy make sure to give them some stakes to support them, and plant them under eaves or large trees to give them some shelter from the rain. An absolute favorite of pollinators like bees, moths, butterflies and hummingbirds, this gorgeous limited perennial will come back for a few years, but after 2 or 3 will need to be replaced. During those years they will be the stars of your flower bed.

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